Friday, October 14, 2016


To whomever has found their way to my very small space on the internet,

I am aware this blog is quite quiet and it will be that way for a while I have no doubt.  Do not mistake this for lack of progress.  I have no plans for an introductory sort of post and to be honest I am very late if that would have been the case.  Instead I would like to share where the focus of this blog stands presently and in the near future.

I have spent a very long time building the lore of Sector Totradus, it will be the main point of this blog to share this with you all.  At the present time I have been working on models for my groups Dark Heresy characters.  This has been put on a brief hold however to handle my current contributions.

I will be sending NPC miniatures to both the Outgard project as well as the upcoming Curse of the Alabaster game.  I am very excited for both of these but especially excited for the later as I have long waited for the INQ28 community to start strongly in the U.S.  I have very high hopes for the future of this and aspire to have a more active hand involved.  With that said, I will not be sharing any miniatures until after these events as I do not want to spoil anything for anyone who will be attending these games (looking at you Wier brothers).  November 6th you can expect to find high quality pictures(not from my phone) of the miniatures I will be sending as well as background and WIP pictures.  I have been working like a madman on my contributions at a much more increased speed than I normally do.  I highly look forward to applying this new found hobby ambition to my own projects when I am done.

In conclusion this place will be quiet until the 6th.  Expect much quicker updates at that time as well as the first steps into the darkness the Priesthood of Phaeton call home.

Take Care