Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Building Awful Monsters

I've had quite a few people ask my process on how I built Arg'Gallak so figured I would go ahead and detail that here.  (Look at me pretending I know what people want to see in a blog)

This is the first picture I took in the process.  That lump of Aluminum Foil stufffed into part of a Hellbrute and crammed into the upper body of a Chaos Spawn is Arg'Gallak

 Here's a shot of the Blasted Wasteland that has become my desk at this point in building the group

 Initial Green Work(Covering all the Foil) is complete in this stage.

 Arg'Gallak's original form, rising from one of his many maws

 Glued in place

Next we will begin working on the actual musculature.

Thats the last WIP I have before I began painting.

Final product

And a peak of something I didn't have enough time to finish but will get around to.  The Beast of Burden