Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Flock and Its Shepard

It has been a complete joy to watch everyone involved share their contributions and involvement for the Curse of the Alabaster.  With all the posts of numerous blogs I follow and threads on the ammobunker it has really been an avalanche of creativity.  Of particular note I wanted to mention the Wier Brothers from Between the Bolter and Me who have done an amazing job of chronicling the events of the games themselves, a difficult feat given they were also involved in playing.  I have linked each game below for reference. 

Game 1 Table 1
Game 1 Table 2
Game 2

Truly a wonderful start for those of us in the INQ28 community based in the U.S. and I really look forward to where this will lead in the future.  Shibboleth and Reasonfish did a wonderful job organizing the entire event and my hat goes off to them for the first steps in getting our community active with one another.  I also want to mention a gentleman named Isaac(aka Weirdingway) who was kind enough to pack my miniatures with him all the way to LA for the game.  I was not invited to the event but wanted to make sure I contributed something as I recognized this being a big step for our community.  The fact my miniatures were used as NPC's along with those of the legendary Thistle is an honor I am very pleased with :)  This group was the first I have built and fully painted in many years, within a time period of only 15 days no less.  I am quite pleased with how they turned out.  I will be finishing the miniatures I am sending for Outgard this weekend and will have them posted soon.  After that....back to my own projects I suppose, of which I have many planned to show you.

With all that said......

I wanted to explore something that I can't recall being mentioned in any lore in detail but knew must exist.  The hellish bowels of the ships belonging to the worshipers of the dark gods.  A place for the sacrifices and slaves that must be kept for numerous dark rituals.  I imagined a charnel house of immense proportions.  The Carnarium (literally "The Meat Place" in Latin) is one such place.  Over the years I have developed quite a few groups of my own for 40k, one such being the traitorous Sons of Enlightenment Astartes Chapter.  In an attempt to reduce losses they lay in hiding in the void, like a great predatory beast drawn to new worlds by the fires of souls ready to be devoured.  Despite being lower strength than a full Chapter, they make extensive use of Daemons and crazed "human" followers.    Aboard the largest of their Cruisers "The Corpse Mother" houses the rank, putrid, hell that is the Carnarium.

  Perpetually in a red haze the wretched workers prepare soon to be corpses for various rituals.  Most of them have gone blind, all are beyond mad.  Some simply move bodies from one pile to another, a never ending task as more bodies are brought with every world visited.  The weakest are put down and join the piles by ruthless overseers once it has become clear they are of little use to the crew.  Atop the largest pile of corpses lays Arg'Gallak, the cursed, the blessed, the exalted keeper of the Carnarium.  A twisted thing of flesh and blood, gifted for his devotion to the point of no return.  His former upper body now residing deep within his monstrous physique.  With the screams of the dying all around he is drawn into the hellish light.  One of his many mouths opens and his true form emerges, time and again to oversee the glorious work.