Saturday, March 4, 2017

A slew of thoughts and an Epilogue

 I have been slow on the modelling front, my apologies on the lack of pictures etc.  I am ready to begin the final stages of sculpting on the retinue and then on to new things which I thoroughly look forward to sharing with everyone.  With that said, I have spent this campaign with my gaming group trying something new.  With the Totradus Sector I wanted to have a massive space that my group can play in without causing any issues with Cannon or honestly even taking cannon into consideration for the most part.  I wanted to be able to throw them into the deep end and let them drive the entire step of the campaign.  I made a 30 day list of events that would happen and simply told them as things happened but let them choose where they were going the whole time.  I like the freedom this gives the players however I think there are definitely flaws with this mindset.  

It was originally a test for myself as a GM to see if I can essentially run an entire campaign on the fly if a setting was present.  I would say that was a success but looking at this from an outside standpoint I think it is not the best of ideas.  It puts more strain on the players having to actually think things through more than I think they should as opposed to enjoying a story which is the whole reason for the game.  It also insists upon breaking the 4th wall considerably more.  Given that my players are not actually the people living in this world it makes it hard for them to think like their character would naturally, if that makes sense?  Essentially this is the very line between being a character and role playing as one.  I feel like I am rambling.

Long story short, I am reworking my method for the second Campaign.  Each mission will start with a monologue from the Kade to set the tone, give objectives and give the group an overall idea of what to do without straight forward telling them to go here do this. This is how the last two missions of the first campaign were played and as a whole I believe our group favors this.  As for followers of this blog it also makes it a hell of a lot easier to paste an actual story together since I will have something pre-written before each game to share and recount events of the previous mission.

I promise the next post will have pictures and lots of them.  Once the group is done I will have a lot more to share.  Until then enjoy the epilogue to the first campaign, this goes along with the previous post.  It is the midnight hour end of the road, an attempt to save the Planetary Governor while the rest of the group attempts to stop an attack on the foundation of the hive itself.


I’ve never been a swordsman, just a man with a sword.  Druet was the real deal and the blood leaking from my coat was a testament to this.  On the defensive like I had been since Fabians supposed death we made our way to the center of the ballroom.  I’d be dead if it wasn’t for the grenade hidden in my coat.  My ears still ringing as I watch the bastard rise from the smoke and the shrapnel, his coat torn, his noble features flecked with blood.  He makes it a few steps in my direction, eyes bearing into my soul.   I don’t hear a thing as the crimson halo distorts his silhouette.  His head makes an unnatural turn to his left at the force of the blow and he collapses on the marble floor. 

The ringing fades, I see Nor standing to the side of a pillar his stub gun raised and pointed at Druets’ fresh corpse.  The screams continue long after the gunshots, Celicia finishes off the last few of the coup.  Its ten after midnight, the Planetary Governor is alive, and the fact I am standing in the spire still lets me know my men in the underhive did their job.  It’s not a pretty victory but they never really are, I’ll take what I can get.  

The governor locks down the spire no one in or out, being the closest involved I’m one of the first questioned, in the presence of the Planetary Governor himself no less.  The questions stop as soon as the word Inquisition leaves my lips.  The long silence marks our exit from the scene but before I go the Governor asked my name. I just said, “Kade” and we left.

Hours pass as we make our way back to the abandoned factory we’ve called home the past few weeks.  I mutter a small prayer to the Emperor when I see the three figures standing next to the ship.  There’s no celebration, we are alive and that’s enough for now. There’s a lot to talk about but we will deal with that in the morning.  For the first time in a month I look forward to sleeping, I don’t sleep a wink. The box on my bed is small, the woods old.  Festus checks for foul play, not a print on it.  He tells me it’s clear and I open it to find a letter lovingly placed on a smaller box.  


You have my condolences for keeping you in the dark, but it is often in the dark that we find ourselves, is it not?  You have truly risen to the occasion on this glorious day my pupil and for that I congratulate you. While Gavril may have been quite confident in his superiority my money was on you old friend.  This test as you have no doubt come to see, was not just for you but for all of Gaios prime, for all humanity.  The strong eat the weak, it’s the only way anything gets done these days.  I have no doubts; I harbor no grand allusions that in time my name will become anything more than a curse, if not simply forgotten.  I know my greatest triumphs will be regarded as nothing more than a cancer in the eyes of the imperium, a poison in the eyes of my Ordo.  I know the path I walk is one others will see only shrouded in darkness.  Perhaps the years have not been kind to me, and why should they?  The fondest memories of my early days were spent hunting the monsters that hide in the dark, ironic is it not?  In the end my final gift to you old friend is a monster of your own, happy hunting.

Fabian Netzoch       

The smaller box contains a rosette of deep obsidian outlined in gold.  A grinning skull of Gold at its heart, I hold it in my hand, its black chain trailing out of my palm. 

My name is Severan Kade, Inquisitor of the holy Ordo Hereticus, hunter of monsters, slayer of beasts.  I name Fabian Netzoch Excommunicate Traitoris.  He is a heretic and traitor to the Imperium of man.  I cast this judgement in the name of the God Emperor of mankind.  The sentence is death.